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Tips for Finding Custom Jewelers

Aug 19 2019

Not just a way to show off your personal success, jewelry has become a way to convey self-expression, individuality and taste. Well-made, unique pieces are the current trend in jewelry, but sometimes finding jewelry stores in williamsburg that offer beautiful, customized pieces that match your vision can be challenging. If you’re looking for a jeweler that can create a one-of-a-kind piece that will be a true showstopper, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Do Your Research

Do some homework to find a jeweler in the area that is known for creating special custom pieces.  Asking friends or other jewelers in the industry and searching online will give you a place to start.  Make a list of the jewelers you discover, and then make an appointment to discuss your ideas with them to make sure they can construct what your imagining.  Ask to see some of the custom pieces they have created in the past, too.  This will help you establish that both their skill and style match your needs. 

Validate your Vision

If possible, draw a sketch of the piece you have in mind; even the most rudimentary drawing will give the jeweler an idea of your vision.  Make sure to note on the drawing what types of materials you’re envisioning, like gold or silver, gemstones, etc. This will give the jeweler a place to start creating your piece, and also become a true collaborator in its creation, providing advice on what will and won’t work and offering suggestions for a truly stellar piece.

Be Careful and Budget

A custom made piece of jewelry is one-of-a kind, and the price will reflect that, so know your budget going in and make sure you discuss it with the jeweler.  Ask the jeweler to put everything you decide on in writing, including what the price of the finished product will be including labor. Don’t forget to have the jeweler stipulate in writing that the design will remain an exclusive creation. 

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With some forethought and well-planned execution, your efforts should result in an uncommon treasure to enjoy for years to come.