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Lash Extensions In New York City

Jul 30 2019

Lash extensions are one of the hottest trends in the cosmetics industry in years, and it’s only getting bigger as new methods and new options for extensions become available.  With a variety of lengths, materials and techniques, finding lash extension supplies new york ny has never been easier or more fashion forward.  With all the buzz surrounding this newest look, it’s important to find a salon that offers talented aestheticians who use top quality products. Here’s some tips on what to look for.

lash extension supplies new york ny

Products Quality

Making sure you’re using the best products and supplies on the market is key to the overall appearance of the lash extensions as well as for your own safety.  While lash extensions are used to enhance the look of your existing lashes, it’s important to use extensions that still give you a natural look and allow for your eyes to function normally and don’t interfere with your line of vision.  Additionally, the higher the quality the lashes translates into how long they will last. 


Lash extensions are typically only as good as the person applying them, so you want to do your research and establish that you’re working with a qualified and experienced technician who is trained in application of many different types of lash extensions.  It’s also important to research what method is being used for application.  The most natural look with the longest staying power is going involve adding extensions to individual lashes, rather than putting sections or strips onto your lash line.  Asking for an initial consultation with your technician to discuss application techniques and to answer any other questions you have will ensure your getting the best results from your extension appointment


Lash extensions now come in a variety of different materials to give anywhere from a very natural look to an all-out glam feel.  For example, a popular option these days is mink lash extensions, which are incredibly soft but give have a very intense vibe and luxe aura to them.  Make sure to discuss your options with your technician to determine which extensions are the best for you.

Whether this is your first time getting lash extensions or you’re a seasoned pro, paying attention to the details will provide you with a great experience and an even better set of pretty peepers!