Top Tips for Event Planning Professionals

Aug 21 2019

Planning the perfect event is the dream of anyone throwing a party.  The location needs to be perfect, the food out of this world and the music needs to rock the house.  However, the vision for the perfect party may be greater than the results one will get.  This is why having an event planner or a professional help you with planning a corporate event in the Twin Cities may be a wise investment.  For those looking to host a great party, here are some tips and tricks that you can use to ensure its success.

Tip #1 – Time Management

planning a corporate event in the Twin Citiesgreat time management skills

As with anything else in life you need to have great time management skills.  When throwing a party there is a set time and date involved.  As such once these are set in stone the clock is ticking and there is no time to waste in getting everything put together.

When working with time management you need to understand the schedules of other people, prepare for things to go wrong and have a backup plan in case you need to shift or adjust at the last minute.  With time and experience you will have these parties running like clockwork, but in the beginning you will need to adjust.

Tip #2 – Be realistic in your goals

Dreams are great and we encourage everyone to have them.  However, let’s be realistic here.  Not everything that we will ever want will come to pass.  In fact, expect none of them to.  Now, this isn’t to sound negative in any fashion but a good party planner or event coordinator will have realistic expectations and know what can be done and what can’t.  If you are someone that wants to push the envelope and try something new that is great but listen to the experts.

Tip #3 – Manage your budget

Money never seems to go as far as we want it to go.  When we start planning for a party we really need to focus on the items that we want first and then move on to the other items we are going to have.  When we have a budget put down everything that is needed and then see where you are.  If you are ahead of the game take what is left and cut that in half.  When creating a budget it all about taking baby steps and making sure that you don’t dig into your profits.

Tip #4 – The devil is in the details

When planning a party or event make sure to work out all of the details first and have them clearly written out in a contract.  Make sure to go over the contract and clearly state positions on expectations and budgets.  If it isn’t written down don’t do it or expect to do it out of the kindness of your heart.  You are planning an event where you are getting paid.  Do the event to the letter of the contract and leave any other details to everyone else.